Congratulations on purchasing your Groupon or Social Living Voucher, for Shenanigans Farm.

In order to make your experience run smoothly, we have some helpful guidelines that will help you get the
most out of your purchase.

Our lessons are by appointment only, and I strongly suggest, not waiting until the last month  to sign up for
your appointments.  Please book them within the next 3 months, even if you want your lessons later.  Our
promotions are back to back.  So, please call for your appointment sooner, than later!!

All lesson packages require 3 different visits.  You may not use your riding lessons back to back.  They require
separate appointments.  You  may, however, schedule a riding lesson on the days that we have the
horsemanship classes if there is time available.  Again, the sooner you sign up, the better of a chance you
have of getting an appointment on one of those days.

The horsemanship classes are scheduled, group classes.  Students do not ride in this class, they learn
grooming, safety, and care for the horses and ponies.  These classes will run 1 hour, and the times will  vary.

Students must dress warmly in the winter months, as we will be in the barn most of the time.  Snow pants,
boots, etc. are recommended.  They will not be riding, so they can bundle up.

Riding Lesson Guidelines
NO SPIKED HEELS, OR BOOTS THAT HAVE A HEEL LARGER THAN 1".  Safety is our first concern, and
anything other than 1/2" - 1"  is a safety hazard.

You must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start to your lesson.  If your lesson is from 10 - 10: 30, please
arrive at 9:45.  Your lesson, regardless of the time you arrived, will end at 10:30.  We have a lot of lessons
scheduled, and can not run over the appointment time.

If you do not call to cancel your lesson, within 24 hours,  a fee of the price of the Groupon will apply.   Leave a
message, or email me.

We are a working farm, so many times are not near a phone.  Please leave a message.  Speak slowly and
clearly so that we are able to return your phone call at the end of the day.   

Drive very slowly up the driveway, please.  We have many children, horses, and dogs on the property, and we
do not want any accidents.

As with any sport, there are inherent risks, so if someone other than a parent or guardian are bringing your
child out, please ask for a release form to be emailed to you.  All students must have a signed release form
prior to their lesson.

If at anytime you have any questions, please call me and I would be happy assist you.