2013 -14 CHALLENGE SERIES

Welcome to Shenanigans Farm 2014 Challenge Series Horse Shows.  The goal of this series is to provide an opportunity for all of  our students to compete at  their
level of riding, and demonstrate their riding skills,  in a fun, family environment.  

Students will be entered in divisions according to their riding ability.  Students will compete in the same divisions at each of the 5 shows.  Each division will have a set
number of classes at each horse show.  Each class will be awarded 6 ribbons.   Each ribbon will receive a point value.  The points in each division will be calculated at
the end of the division and the highest points of that day will receive a Show Championship Ribbon, as well as any donated prize for Show Champion.  The second
highest score will receive a Reserve Champion Ribbon.  These points will also count towards Series End Awards at the end of the 5 shows.  Ties will be broken based
on judges decision.

Each division will have a Champion and Reserve champion at each show, and series end.

We have had many donations of services, money, gifts, and trophies.  We are still looking for a few more.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, or you know
someone who would, attached is a sponsorship form.

Sportsmanship Award
This award is the most important award at Shenanigans Farm.  The winner of this award is chosen based on their sportsmanship, team support, and being a role
model to others in the way in which they conduct themselves in winning and losing situations.  It is the person who always has kind things to say to others whether they
are winning or losing.  It is the person that stands out because they are always pitching in, offering their horse to someone whose horse may be lame that day, or gives
them a boost when they need it.  It is the person who runs and helps someone get ready when they are late for a class.  It is the one that watches everyone else and
claps and supports the other riders, even when they could be playing with their friends.  It is the person who asks the little ones if they need help, or if any of the
instructors need help.  The parents, students, instructors and judges are going to be voting on this person for the Series Banquet.

Banquet Committee
.  The banquet will be held in May.
Challenge Series
November 10th
January  18
February 22
March th
April th

Start Time 9
Times are approximate!  Please be at least 30 minutes early.  We cannot guarantee times. Many times there are hold ups that cannot be
Open Hunter o/f
Open Hunter o/f
Open Equitation o/f
Open Medal
Open Equitation otf
Open Hunter u/s

Intermediate Hunter o/f
Intermediate Hunter o/f
Intermediate Medal
Intermediate Hunter u/s
Intermediate Equitation otf

Show Jumpers
Show Jumpers

Primary Hunter o/f
Primary Hunter o/f
Primary Equitation o/f
Primary Hunter u/s
Primary Equitation otf

Forest Memorial Hunter o/f
Forest Memorial Hunter o/f
Forest Memorial Equitation o/f
Forest Memorial Hunter u/s Section A
Forest Memorial Equitation otf Section A
Forest Memorial Hunter u/s Section B

Future Jumpers
Future Jumpers
Course Change

Maiden Hunter  Pole Pile
Maiden Hunter  Pole Pile
Maiden Equitation Pole Pile
Maiden Equitation otf
Maiden Hunter u/s

Rising Stars Hunter Pole Pile
Rising Stars Hunter  Pole Pile
Rising Stars Equitation Pole Pile
Rising Stars Hunter u/s
Rising Stars Equitation otf
                                                                                                  SHENANIGANS FARM
                                                         2013-14 CHALLENGE SERIES CHANGES AND NOTICES

In addition to our regular Shenanigans Farm Challenge Series, we have added 2 new Medal Classes, and opportunities for more horse show fun!!  

The dates for the 2014 Challenge Series, are also posted on the website.  Please go to   for the dates and classes offered, and
more information.  The website will also give you a link to our farm Google Calendar.  

We are in need of sponsors!!!  Please check out the sponsorship opportunities on the website.

Please make sure that all entries are in by the Closed Entry Dates.  ALL LATE ENTRIES WILL BE CHARGED A $20.00 POST ENTRY FEE.  It is very
important for us to have all class lists and horse assignments one week prior to our shows.  There will be no exceptions to this, to provide you with an
organized, fun experience.

We also ask that no parents or children view from the indoor arena.  It is far too congested and dangerous.  There is viewing  from the observation
room, or above the ring, outside of the food stand.  I will be enforcing this, as this is a safety issue, and I want all of our riders and observers to enjoy
the show safely.

Please do not park on the grass by the house.  There is extra parking up the hill.  If you need assistance, please ask, as we would be happy to park for
anyone needing help.

Please do not bring your dog to our shows or to the farm.

Please email me or drop off pictures that you take of our shows.  If anyone is interested in organizing a Shenanigans Farm Challenge Series
Yearbook, please see me.  This would be a great keepsake for the kids and parents.  I would also like a 5X7 BLACK framed picture of all of our
students.  Please drop one off at the desk so we can hang them.  
Entries, Fees, and Sign Up
Each Challenge Series show date  has been posted.  Entries must be handed in by the due date or their will be a $20 late fee.  We try to make our shows run as
judging, horse availability, concession stand, class sizes, ribbon ordering, and show program.  
Horses and ponies go fast, and
students signing up late, have last choice of horses and ponies.

Classes are $17/class.

Any student that would like to reserve a specific horse or pony for the show series, may do so for a $25 fee/show.  Horse and Pony selection is done on a first come, first
serve basis, and we can not guarantee that students will be riding their favorite horse/pony.  To reserve your favorite horse/ pony, please submit payment to Shelly.  If
you would like to reserve a horse/pony for the series, please submit a check for the whole series to ensure your reservation.

**Reservations are first come first serve.  Reservations will not be taken without payment in full.  In the event of a horse or pony unable to be horse shown due to
unforseen circumstances, a  refund will be given.  

Anyone that would like to become a sponsor, we welcome you!!!!

We have had beautiful Trophies donated for the other divisions.  Please see Shelly if you are interested in donating a trophy or prize.

Show Division Championship Sponsors:
Sponsorship for a Show Division    $75/Show